Sales, Dealers & Service

redcanoe™ water & coffee solutions brings a fresh approach to customer service.

Any questions? Any concerns? We will respond immediately to any issues that arise — either through the helpful knowledge of our customer support team or a fully trained technician sent out to your location.

Equipment installation is quick and simple, with minimal disruption to your business. All water lines are hidden, and your cooler will typically be up and running in under an hour. Plus, we proactively schedule regular maintenance to check your filters and keep your equipment running at peak performance — all without you having to think about it.

Great customer service is in our DNA. It's not a part of our business — it is our business.

Sales Network

Our sales offices are located across the United States. For additional information or to request follow-up from a redcanoe sales professional, contact us at 1-855-600-4799 or submit a request now.